Botanical Conservatory

Founded in 1959, the Botanical Conservatory serves the university community and beyond as an educational facility, research resource, and genetic diversity preserve. The greenhouses and outdoor growing areas contain over 2,500 plant species from most of the world’s climatic regions.

Controlled Environment Facility

The Controlled Environment Facility maintains a total of 151 plant growth chambers in two separate locations on campus. Chamber controls include light intensity, temperature, relative humidity, photoperiod and irrigation systems.

Research Greenhouses

There are 22 research greenhouses, lath houses, contained and open outdoor growing space, and three headhouses at the Orchard Park facility. At the Core Greenhouse Complex, CBS Plant Growth staff oversee two modern greenhouses.

Sciences Lab Building Greenhouse

A greenhouse on the third floor of the Sciences Laboratory Building supports classes in plant biology and plant-related biological science courses. Plants are conveniently grown adjacent to classrooms. Visitors are always welcome.

The Plant Growth Facilities consists of three greenhouse sites supported by the College of Biological Sciences and one growth chamber site supported by the Office of Research. These facilities consist of greenhouses, growth chambers, lath houses and contained outdoor growing areas, and are available for University of California research and teaching activities.