Orchard Park Facility

Orchard Park Research GreenhousesThe College of Biological Sciences supports 17 greenhouses, three headhouses, a screenhouse, outdoor benches, and two lath houses at the Orchard Park facility.

Core Greenhouse Complex

Core Greenhouse ComplexThe College of Biological Sciences supports two greenhouses and one headhouse at the Core Greenhouse Complex.

Recharge Rate



Rate /sf/month

Rate /sf/yr

North Field

Tier 1 -- North Field. Raw field, no protection or environmental control. Only industrial water is available and daily staff irrigation is not provided. Weed control is provided. Specialized project setups, materials, and labor are subject to additional charges. Additional services can be added at the appropriate labor rate.



Lath Houses, Rock Pad

Tier 2 — Lath houses, shade house. No or minimal control of environmental conditions relative to ambient levels. Minimum level of care includes daily irrigation and minimum/maximum temperature and relative humidity checking by staff. Specialized project setups and materials are subject to additional charges.



GH-200’s + 300’s, 116, Climate Controlled Shadehouse

Tier 3 — Standard 12.7' x 30.3' OP Greenhouse and shade house with climate control equipment. Greenhouse controls generally able to maintain temperature within 10F of the set-point when ambient temperatures are between 40F and 80F, but more precise adjustments are limited by infrastructure. Includes daily irrigation and min/max recording, HID grow lights, RO water, and standard fertilization formulas. Specialized project setups and materials are subject to additional charges.



GH-86E + W, CGC-703 + 704

Tier 4 — Most precise environmental controls. Argus, Wadsworth, or equivalent computer controller. Greenhouse includes HAF fan, shade cloth, and irrigation controller, RO water and standard fertilization formulas, HID grow lights, computer datalogging. Specialized project setups and materials are subject to additional charges.



Student Labor


Nursery Technician Labor



What is provided?

• Daily watering (once/day, seven days/week including holidays)
• Fertilizer
• Daily inspection and high/low temperature records
• Light intensity control
• High intensity plant grow lights
• Pest control
• Standard size pots and pot labels
• Expert horticultural advice

How to Request Space

CONTACT: Ian Baker

Please provide the following information when requesting space:

• A brief description of your project.
• An estimate of amount of bench space needed or number of plants.
• Length of project. (less than six months or more than a year)
• An estimated starting date.
• Will the plants need cool or warm temperatures?


Panicle Rice Mite

Those working with rice must adhere to the policy regarding this serious pest.




Join the mailing list

REQUIRED for all users of the research greenhouses. With this information we will be able to notify you regarding greenhouse issues and upcoming pesticide applications.



Request space

To request greenhouse space, contact Ian Baker at (530) 752-1681, or you may email him using the link provided below. Before contacting Ian, please see details outlined on this page.