How to schedule a tour

(See below for updated guided tour costs from Jan 1, 2023)

SELF GUIDED VISITS FOR SMALL GROUPS ARE ALWAYS FREE. Please look through our current calendar of scheduled tours, below, to see when we have an opening that works for you and for us. Once you have chosen a date or alternate dates, please send us an email at Call the Conservatory at 530-752-0569 for any clarification after reviewing the information below.

Touring the Conservatory

We're normally open from 9am-5pm weekdays and sometimes on weekends for special events and scheduled tours. Drop in visitors and self guided "tours" are free and welcome. Our staffing is limited so call ahead 530-752-0569 or check our Tours calendar above to avoid those times or to schedule a tour. Guided tours are available by appointment only. Weekend tours are scheduled at the discretion of staff availability. Details for group tours are further outlined below.

How long are the tours?

Tours are about an hour long for most groups. We recommend a minimum of 45 minutes. Evening and weekend tours are possible if tour guides are available. During the warm summer months, we recommend morning tours to minimize exposure to the "tropical climate" within the greenhouse (warm and humid).

How much do tours cost?

As of January 1, 2023 the rates for Conservatory tours are:

UC Davis affliliated groups:

  • Minimum charge for groups of 12 or fewer = $96
  • Groups of 13 or more = $8 per person
  • Set-up only event (no docent) = $18

Groups not affliliated with UC Davis:

  • Minimum charge for groups of 9 or fewer = $99
  • Groups of 10 or more = $11 per person
  • Set-up only event (no docent) = $24

Payment may be made by cash or check payable to UC Regents or via campus recharge. We are unable to take credit card payments. Payment should be presented before the tour unless prior arrangements are made, and a receipt will be provided.

What is included in the tour?

Content is adjusted for age, experience, and interest. We convey the amazing diversity of plant adaptations via a multisensory hands-on tour through the 3,600 sq ft greenhouse. Form and function of plants from the world’s deserts, tropical forests, and carnivorous habitats are emphasized, along with plant interactions with insects and other organisms.


A note from a Teacher.

How many people can we accomodate?

A maximum of 40 participants divided into 2 or 3 docent-led groups can be accommodated at one time. Smaller groups allow for more interaction. Disabled access is limited to the main aisle and entrance of the smaller rooms.

Comfort on the tour

Participants will be standing much of the time. To maximize the learning experience, we ask that visitors be well hydrated and have healthy blood-sugar levels. The greenhouses are warm and humid, so visitors will be more comfortable by dressing lightly or in layers and leaving coats and sweaters behind. Also, some aisles are narrow, so participants should leave behind large purses and backpacks for their own comfort as well as for the safety of the collection.

Directions and parking

Directions to the Conservatory and parking information may be found on our maps page.

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