What it's all about

Please note that volunteer night at the Botanical Conservatory has been discontinued, for non-students, on account of the increased interest of undergraduates looking for hands-on experience. If you are a student, non-UC Davis students are welcome, and want to gain experience growing plants then please check out our Internship page. Non-students are encouraged to send an e-mail to Ernesto at the Conservatory to see if your help could be used.

The primary activities for volunteers are to propagate plants for the plant sales throughout the year. Learn how to make cuttings, divide plants, and the proper ways to transplant. Learn about orchids, cacti, ferns, carnivores and other weird and wonderful plants from all over the planet.

Many of the volunteers like to wander through the greenhouse each week to see how their favorite plants are doing. If there is something especially interesting in the greenhouse, Ernesto will be sure to point it out and probably give the volunteers a mini-lecture about it!

For more information on volunteering or to have your name added to the volunteer e-mail list, please contact Ernesto Sandoval: or call 530-752-0569.

If you'd like to help out ...

The Botanical Conservatory is located just north of Storer Hall on the UC Davis campus. We have a map for you to find it.


Volunteers sprucing up, transplanting, and propagating carnivorous plants and orchids.


Checking out the weird and the wonderful.


Volunteers and Student employees resting after a plant sale.